A Package From Santa Exclusive: The Silver Package

The Silver Package

If you want to keep the magic of Christmas alive for the kids in your life you probably want them to believe in Santa for as long as possible – right? Package From Santa is here to help! We have lots of products that can assist in your efforts. Today we will talk about one of the most popular packages available – The Silver Package.

The Letter From Santa

Like each of the packages offered – the main feature of the package is the personalized letter from Santa. This letter can be as ‘personalized’ as you like – whether you prefer to use one of our many templates or you want to create your own letters – you are sure to love the way the letter will turn out! And what’s more, because the letter will include mentions of your child’s name and other personal details that you provide – your child will be totally enchanted by the message from Santa.

Nice List Certificate & Autographed Photos

The Silver Package also includes a Nice List Certificate – personalized with your child’s name. Plus, an autographed photo of Santa Claus and one of Rudolph will be enclosed!

A Phone Call From Santa & A Personalized Video

As if that wasn’t enough, the package also includes a phone call from Santa himself – plus, you and your child will have access to a personalized Santa video. Just imagine how amazed your child will be when Santa mentions him/her by name on the call and in the video!

Total Effect

The total effect of the package actually begins as soon as the package arrives. You will want to have a camera ready!

The Silver Package is sent via first class mail. It is a glossy green package that has a real North Pole stamp, Santa’s return address, and a special Elf shipping label addressed to your child!

The Silver Package

The Silver Package is a great way to keep the magic of Christmas alive for the kids in your life!