Give Your Christmas Tree A Sweet Decoration

Sweet Decoration

This is an easy project that you and your kids will have fun working on and the final outcome will be a very sweetly decorated Christmas tree! Traditional ornaments can suddenly become awesomely decked out cupcakes hanging on your tree – here’s how to make your own sweet ornaments…

What You Need:

  • Traditional Ornaments (in a solid color)
  • Crafting Glue
  • Decorations (this can be bits of cut up ribbon, felt, small buttons, or you can use paint or markers to draw on the ornaments or you can add stickers or other decorations.)
  • Holiday Décor Cupcake Liners
  • Pieces of Yarn or Ribbon (in appropriate colors)

How To Start:

Begin by gluing the ornament into the cupcake liner. This gives the ornament a base and makes it easier to handle as you apply the decorations.

Keep in mind that the ornaments do not have to be placed straight up in the liners – they can be angled.


Have fun – even small children can add their own creative touches to these ornaments.

Final Touch:

Loop the yarn (or ribbon) through the ring at the top of the ornament and tie a knot or bow. Use this to hang the ornament on your tree. Now stand back and admire your sweet decorations!

Debbie Allen is a team member at Package From Santa. She enjoys sharing tips and ideas about new and old holiday traditions.