Not-So-Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Not-So-Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Giving yourself a good fright on Halloween can be really fun, but for little kids, it can be a bit too much. We all want our kids to have fun on Halloween and if they are too scared, they aren’t going to have a great time. So when decorating your house this year, considering putting up some not-so-spooky Halloween decorations. There are tons of things you can do that are cute and sweet that still capture the spirit of the season. I’ve collected some of my favorite silly spooky DIY decorations that will be sure to delight, not fright:

Yard Monsters

When I first saw these I laughed so hard, they are so funny. These yard monsters aren’t just super silly, they are probably one of the simplest decorations you can make.

Simply cut big googly eyes out of foam and place them on your bushes and trees around the yard. Your landscape will suddenly be filled with silly, shaggy monsters.

Click here for the tutorial.

Yarn Pumpkin Garland 

I love no sew fiber craft projects because then even the smallest kids can help. This craft project uses orange yarn to make fluffy pumpkin pom-pom balls that can be hung together as a garland.

You can hang this garland on your mantel, across your porch, or anywhere you want to add a cute little decorative flair.

Click here for the tutorial.

Flannel Halloween Pillows

These flannel Halloween pillows take the scariest monsters and make them cute cuddle buddies. Simply cut out cute monster faces with flannel fabric, sew them together, and stuff them with filling.

Your couch will be host to all of Halloween’s favorite characters, but friendly enough your children will want to sit next to them.

Click here for the tutorial.

Candy Corn Pom Pom Wreath

There is nothing scary about fluffy pom-pom balls or candy. This wreath combines these two sweet things into a funky door wreath.

Simply arrange yellow, white, and orange pom-pom balls on a wreath form, add a little ribbon, and there you have it! A safe, not scary, wreath to greet trick-or-treaters of all ages.

Click here for the tutorial.

Creature Pumpkin

There are lots of delightful ways to decorate pumpkins that aren’t scary. These woodland creature pumpkins have to be my favorite because they are just so cute. You simply cut out pieces of foam or felt and glue them onto the pumpkin to make them look like cute, cartoony foxes, owls, and bunnies. Since you aren’t carving the pumpkins, your small children can help. Just make sure you cut out all the pieces first before decorating.

Click here for the tutorial.

Tea Light Witches

Adding a little extra light on Halloween night can help make things less scary for your little ones. These tea lights transformed into funky witches can be hung around your house, on your front porch, or any dark corner where you need a little extra light. During the day they look like fun ornaments, but at night they brighten up scary pathways.

Click here for the tutorial.

Cereal Box Mummies

I love projects that use things you’d just throw into the recycling bin. These mummies are made from cereal boxes, pasta boxes, granola bar boxes, or any empty cardboard food box you have around the house. Wrap them up in fabric strips or crepe paper and add some googly eyes and you have funny mummies to greet your trick or treaters.

Click here for the tutorial.

Big Boo Halloween Mantle

Marquee letters are a great way to decorate your home. These glitter covered letters spell out “boo” and are more elegant than eerie. They are also easy and fun to make with your kids. Simply cut out the letters and coat them in glitter. Then place them on top of your fireplace mantle to spell out this scary word. I recommend stringing the yarn pumpkin garland underneath to give your fireplace a festive look.

Click here for the tutorial.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary holiday. With these decorations, you can capture the spirit of the season without spooking your little ones. Luckily during Christmas, we don’t have to worry about scaring our children. We can plan fun decorations like a framed personalized letter from Santa Claus straight from the North Pole instead of scary monsters. So this year try some of these DIYs to decorate your home until your children are old enough to enjoy being scared.

Also, I love when you share your decorations with me. Once you’ve made these projects send show them off on Twitter @santaletters1. I’d love to see what other silly not scary decorations your family comes up with!