February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month


Children do not fully understand the importance of dental care. They do not realize the dental problems that could occur later in their life. Tooth decay can cause infections which can affect various functions, such as speech and eating. It can cause headaches and extreme physical pain. Don’t let your children suffer later on in life. Teach them to take care of their teeth now.

Dental Care

Choose a good dentist for your child. The child must be taught to allow the dentist to check and clean their teeth regularly. Many people are afraid of dentists because of various reasons. It may be the sound of the drill, the equipment around the chair, the lights or some other aspect.

You should try to make the child accept and like the dentist. Removing fears related to these visits will help encourage good dental care. Some dentists specialize in treating kids. They may have an office that is specifically designed to appeal to kids or they may even give toys to children as an incentive for visiting the dentist often. You can offer some treats to your children whenever they visit the dentist.

Good Dental Care Begins At Home

Aside from seeing the dentist regularly, you should teach some good dental habits to your children. They should get into the habit of brushing their teeth after eating. Explain to them that food particles left in the mouth and stuck on the teeth should be brushed away as soon as possible. Give them a reward each time they brush their teeth. Posting reminders around the rooms will ensure they do not forget to brush their teeth.

Make sure your kids know how to properly brush their teeth. They should not swallow the toothpaste. Your kids should practice the movement of the brush over and around their teeth. Make sure the bristles are just right for their teeth and gums. Bristles that are too soft might not be able to remove the dirt from the teeth. Hard bristles could injure the teeth and gums.

Dental Health Month, Package From Santa

Beyond Brushing

Flossing will help remove particles of food stuck between the teeth. Food particles that are difficult to remove with the toothbrush can be easily handled through flossing. Eating healthy and nutritious food will help your teeth become strong. It will reduce the possibility of cavities and strengthen your gums.

The sooner your children practice good dental hygiene, the greater the chances that their teeth will remain healthy and strong for a long time. Don’t wait until they start showing dental problems. Make them practice the good dental habits now.

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