Things That Prove Moms Are Superheroes

Superhero Mom

You happen to be in the public restroom at a department store when a mother and child walk in. With the open space between stalls you cannot help but hear the conversation. The little girl says she needs to ‘do number two’ and you hear the mother patiently help the child onto the toilet. Almost instantly you hear the little girl say she’s done. Then she insists it is time to wash her hands. You watch the loving touch the mother uses as she gently lifts the girl up and helps her with the task. Memories of a similar time in your own life come gushing through.

After shopping you stop to eat a quick lunch. You notice a woman with an infant and man at a nearby table. As the man eagerly eats the woman divides her time between feeding and entertaining the baby, eating, and listening as the man talks. Once again, you nod to yourself that yes, you can relate to this woman.

Perhaps your memories are about your own mom or maybe you are reminiscing about times with your children, nieces and nephews, or other children in your life.

Whether you have children of your own or not, it is easy to understand that motherhood is built with unselfish love. Being a mom includes much more than fun times; much of it requires a spirit of giving and the need to make sacrifices.

Moms are there to wipe away the tears when we are hurt and they are there to guide us when we are lost. Sometimes being a mom means giving up something you want so your child can have what he or she wants or needs.

No; moms may not be able to fly through the sky or free cities of nasty villains, but their powers are enormous. Moms are superheroes that deserve to be recognized for all they do.

Don’t Forget: Mother’s Day is May 11.

The team at Package From Santa offers admiration and respect for all mothers. This special holiday is the perfect time to show appreciation for any woman that demonstrates the superhero qualities of moms.