Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Crafts To Keep Kids Busy

Thanksgiving Crafts

Sometimes keeping them busy is the best solution for everyone concerned!

The excitement about Thanksgiving is building and to everyone’s joy, the kids will be out of school for some time off. That’s great news for kids and for parents too – but with the weather turning colder and so much to do to prepare for the big meal you may want to keep the kids occupied so you can get things done. No problem!

We have some simple craft and activity ideas that will keep them busy. Some you can do with them and others you can sort of turn the kids loose and let them do the projects on their own!

Needle work

Embroidery work is fun for kids and in most cases; they are actually pretty good at it. Why not pick up some inexpensive dish towels, hand towels, napkins, placemats, or a tablecloth and let the kids have a go at making it into a family heirloom. Even if their needlework doesn’t turn out terrific you will still have something to treasure.

Turkeys and dolls

You can decorate the home with turkeys crafted from paper bags. The crafted turkeys can be of different sizes. They can be made to appear more realistic by coloring the bags and sticking some feathers on the bag. Corn husk can be decorated to appear like pilgrim and Indian dolls. Sequins and pieces of clothing can be used to cover the corn husk and give it an elegant appearance.

Poster Boards

Poster boards are very useful material for arts and crafts. Let the kids make colorful drawings and hang them around the house. They can add stickers and use colorful markers or even glue on fabrics to make colorful backgrounds. Poster boards come in varying colors, sizes and thickness. They can be matte, glossy, or you can use basic construction paper. You can use heavy weight paper to make turkey hand prints. Different colored sheets can be shaped and glued together to make figures of turkeys and pilgrims. Each family member can write Thanksgiving messages on the paper.

There are many things that can be made from paper. A garland can be made with strips of paper that have been taped to form loops. The chain can be as long as you like. Shades of orange, gold, brown, and red are ideal for Thanksgiving. Before the paper is taped into the loop shape you can encourage the kids to write a message of gratitude. This can then be a ‘gratitude garland’.

A Custom paper can be used to make origami figures. Other types of material can be used for scrapbooking activities.

Displaying the crafts

Just like kids like to show off their favorite toys or special things like an Autographed Rudolph Photo, they are proud to have their projects displayed – especially when guests can see their handiwork. However, the crafts should not be obtrusive; they should not interfere with the movement of the people around the house. Ideally you should strategically locate the projects around the house in a way that will enhance the ambiance and atmosphere. You can put some along the entrance so guests can get into the Thanksgiving mood while entering the house. Others can be used as centerpieces for the dining table.