Keeping The Belief In Santa

Santa Evidence

Santa Evidence

Kids are inquisitive and as they grow up they want proof that Santa is real. They may pull on his beard as they sit on his lap or ask why he hasn’t sent a personalized letter to them. And the reality is, a belief in Santa Claus helps keep Christmas feeling magical!

Package From Santa has lots of ways to help keep the magic of Christmas alive. One of the many ‘tools’ we have for you is our handy Santa Evidence Kit™.

This kit is unlike any that you will find at other places across the Internet. The evidence contained in the kit will not only prove that Santa visited your child – it will become treasured little mementos that your child will love showing off to others!

Santa’s Official Sleigh Driver’s License

The first piece of evidence is Santa’s Official Sleigh Driver’s License. Santa is always in a hurry when he makes his stops so it is easy to understand how he could easily drop his license. And although this may be inconvenient for Santa, since it is a rule that all sleigh drivers have to renew their license every year – this really isn’t such a tragedy after all.

Ripped Piece of Santa’s Suit

Your child will also find a Ripped Piece of Santa’s Suit left behind! This relic may be ‘caught’ in the door jam, on the fireplace tools, or other spot that Santa may have hurriedly passed by. Not to worry – Santa gets a new suit every year, so this shred of evidence is a perfect keepsake for your child.

Best Decorated Tree Award

And last but certainly not least is the Best Decorated Tree Award that Santa leaves hanging on the tree. Just imagine the pride your kids will feel when they know that Santa liked their tree enough to give it such an award!

The Santa Evidence Kit is definitely a great way to help keep the magic of Christmas alive!