10 Products I Wish I Had As A New Mom

10 Products I Wish I Had As A New Mom

A lot has changed since I had my first baby. Between new technologies and access to the Internet, there are some really great products that I would have loved to have as a new Mom. These products are all a huge improvement on the standard things everyone needs but have really taken a mom’s lifestyle into consideration.

Here are ten products I wish were around when I was a new mom:

1. Travel System:

Travel systems are a combination of a car seat and a stroller. Rather than unbuckling and lifting your child out of their stroller, then buckling them into the car seat, you simply unattach the car seat and strap it into your car without disturbing baby. Not only does this mean baby can sleep through this transition, making your car ride more pleasant after a day out, but the stroller portion folds up smaller and fits easily into any trunk.

Check out: Evenflo Pivot, $300, from BabiesRUs

2. Baby Carrier

What I would have given for a hands free baby carrier! The freedom to keep the baby with me while I do chores around the house, run errands, or simply get some needed closeness. The BabyBjorn carrier is really a game changer and I would highly recommend this to any new moms out there!

Check out: BabyBjorn Miracle Baby Carrier, $120, from Amazon.com

3. Travel Changing Pad:

I have had to change my babies in some pretty suspicious places. You never know how dirty the baby changers are in a public restroom that is if you are lucky enough to find one. There were so many times I just had to run my kids out to the car to change them. Now, there are travel-changing pads and I’m telling you, if you are a Mom on the go, these are a must-have!

Check out: Pronto! Changing Station, $30, from Skip Hop

4. Travel High Chair:

I loved taking my kids out to eat. It was tough trying to always cook dinner. However, a lot of the restaurants I loved didn’t have high chairs, so I ended up eating at family friendly places all of the time, instead of where I wanted to go. I love the idea of a travel high chair. Keep it in your kitchen or take it to restaurants, friend’s house, the park you name it! The options are endless!

Check out: Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair, $90, from Amazon.com

5. Diaper Bin:

I love my children and would do anything for them, but sometimes I really wished I didn’t have to handle their dirty diapers. The Diaper Deckor would have been a dream. It’s completely hands-free and sealed to keep your nursery smelling fresh. So you don’t have to do much to deal with dirty diapers.

Check out: The Diaper Dekor, $34.95, from Diaper Dekor

6. Swaddle:

Learning how to swaddle was hard. Was it too loose, too tight? How exactly do you make a perfect little baby burrito? The Miracle Blanket has all your swaddling needs covered. This incredibly simple system helps you swaddle baby in minutes without ever having to worry if you are doing it right.

Check out: Miracle Blanket, $29.95, from Miracle Blanket

7. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors have really come around these days. They don’t just watch your baby, they can literally monitor their temperature, heart rate, and movement! When I had my first kid, I spent many sleepless nights obsessively checking to make sure they were okay. Owelet would have been a lifesaver.

Check out: Owelet Baby Monitor, $300, from Owelet

8. Baby Bottles:

Okay, I know what you are thinking, baby bottles could not have improved that much. They haven’t unless you take a look at Born Free. They are amazing. They can be frozen, heated, and when it’s time, turned into sippy cups. It’s a perfect system and a great money saver!

Check out: Born Free Breeze, $14.99, from Summer Infant

9. Nipple Cream:

I wish someone would have told me how painful breast feeding was when I was first starting out. It’s tough on your nipples and they can become sore and rough. I used to just use lotion, but now they make cream specifically to keep your nipples in good condition. Amazing!

Check out: Lansinoh, $6, from Target

10. Nursing Bra:

You can never have enough nursing bras. They keep you supportive and make breastfeeding incredibly easy. I love the new style where there are simple panels that just fold down like these Elmoi bras. What a simple solution!

Check out: Elomi Molded Nursing Bra, $55, Bare Necessities

Take it from me; these incredible products will make the life of a new mom easier than ever. If you are looking for more tips for new moms from an old expert, check out the blog at PackageFromSanta.com, I love sharing my wisdom and helping make the job a little easier for other moms.