DIY New Year Party Ideas

New Year Party

Will you be hosting a New Year party?

New Year parties don’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you make your own decorations and food items hosting a party can be done very cheaply. Read over the following DIY New Year party ideas from Package From Santa – you’re sure to find one or two ideas that you like.


A New Year party should include festive decorations that add to the fun and ambiance – they can enhance the celebratory mood. Whether you keep it simple by decorating with balloons and streamers or you go all out – decorations should definitely be included.

DIY Piñata Decorations

Making a piñata is easy – just decide on a simple shape that works for your party theme – for instance, a star or moon shape. The materials you will use include the following:

Card Board – cut out in the desired shape (cut a piece for the front and one for the back) – you will also need a strip of card board that will be used as the ‘side’ of the shape – leave opening at top if you plan to fill with candy

Crepe Paper – cut paper into fringes and use to cover outside of piñata

White Glue – to hold it altogether

String or Cording – to hang the decoration

Candy – if you want to fill the piñata

Pom-Pom Cupcake and Drink Stirrers

Make tiny pom-poms that can be added to the end of toothpicks and drink stirrers. Pom-poms can be made by wrapping yarn around a fork – then tie it off in the center and snip the ends.

Streamer Decorations

Cut strips of tissue paper or use crepe paper strips or pretty ribbon to create streamers that can be hung on walls, from the ceiling, and even from light fixtures.

Glittery Garland

Spray paint bow-tie pasta and tie the festive ‘bows’ onto gold cording or pretty ribbon or yarn.

Finger Foods & Appetizers

Most New Year parties include finger foods and appetizers. Why not use your slow cooker to cook up some small sausage links? You can add your favorite sauce or have the e sauces on the side – guests can then dip the links as desired. To add a fun touch you can add a bowl of pretzel sticks that can be used instead of toothpicks to hold the links.

Make mini-burgers that can be served on cocktail buns. Chicken wings are another great option. And of course, you will want to include chips, snack mixes, mini-cupcakes, and cookies.