Free letters To Santa Are Only The Beginning Of Holiday Preparations

Letters To Santa
Letters To Santa

Letters To Santa

Knowing what to buy for kids during Christmas is usually not too hard. Those letters to Santa Claus are usually quite clear. Using them as a gift-buying guide is one of the fringe benefits of helping your kids write the Santa letters. And the finishing touch to any Christmas tree is a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts underneath. Part of the fun of getting Christmas gifts is ripping off the paper to see what is hidden inside. You want your gifts to look as if they were a package from the North Pole.

 Free Letters To Santa

Sometimes the shape of a gift can make it hard to wrap. You can buy gift boxes to accommodate most gifts. If you can’t find a gift box that your gift will fit into you still have options. While you are dropping off your Santa letters at your local post office, buy a shipping box in the appropriate size. You may want to check with your local stores, they sometimes have cardboard boxes they can give away for free.


Now that you have the gift in the perfect box you can begin. If you are giving a gift that is breakable use tissue paper or newspaper to cushion the sides on the bottom and sides of the box. You don’t want the gift to break from bouncing around in the box. Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like giving or receiving a broken gift.


A trick I have used over the years is to color coordinate the gifts. All the gifts that will be leaving my house are wrapped in one color and the ones that are going to be opened at home are wrapped in a different color.  If you have gifts going to several different places pick a color for each destination. For example all the gifts going to office friends could wrapped in silver paper and the ones going to Granny’s in red paper and so on.


Once you have your gift wrapped in pretty paper you must make a gift tag. You can use the self sticking gift tags you pick up at most stores that sell gift wrap. These are simple to use just fill in the to and from spaces. Sometimes I mark gift tags on gifts going to children from the real Santa. Be sure that you write clearly. You don’t want to be unsure who gets what gift.


Last thing to add is a ribbon. Ribbons come in all sorts of patterns and textures. You will want to use a color of ribbon that will match your paper. Don’t tie you ribbon too tight- you don’t want it to rip your wrapping paper. You can tie something like a candy cane or bell to the top of the gift. Kids like to find small bags of reindeer food attached to their gifts. I also add a new ornament to all my brothers and sisters gifts. This adds a personal finishing touch.


While your kids are anxiously waiting for their letters from Santa to arrive you can drastic them by allowing them to help with some of your wrapping projects. Kids always enjoy that and they can sometimes get very creative in the way they wrap things. It’s a good idea to let them practice their craft on gifts for pets or gifts that won’t be leaving your home.

 Tommi Pajak