New Year Resolutions You Can Accomplish

New Year Resolutions

Have you prepared a list of New Year resolutions? If so, you may want to take a second look at that list. Some things may be suggestions from your family and friends and others may be on the list simply because they seem like good things to consider. But New Year resolutions should be things you are commited to – if you expect to reach your goals you need a real determination.

Unrealistic resolutions may be impossible to complete during the year. You should start the year with a list of resolutions that you can meet. This makes it possible – if not probable – that you will end the year with a list of accomplishments. Your resolutions should be beneficial to you and to other people. Let’s talk about some things that you might want to add to your New Year resolution list and ways to accomplish your goals.

Bond with family and friends

It’s easy to get so immersed in your work that you overlook keeping quality time with family and friends. Although this can help you make a great deal of money you lose out on spending time with the people that are important in your life.

While earning money is a good objective, especially if it means providing good food and shelter for the family, there needs to be a balance. Missing out on certain family events is a huge sacrifice – those precious moments cannot be recovered. For instance, if you miss your child’s birthday, there is no way you can bring back the birthday celebration or the time that could have been spent with your child and others.

Setting a schedule of memorable events you want to be a part of throughout the year is a perfect start to creating workable resolutions. This schedule can be included as you work out your business schedules.

Stay fit

A very common New Year’s resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle, which usually includes losing weight and getting or staying fit. One reason this goal is so common is because people are conscious of the food they ate during the holiday festivities. However, it is easy to forget this resolution when celebrating other holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

If you have added a resolution related to weight loss and/or fitness, it may be easier to meet that goal if you set monthly objectives. This allows you more freedom – that is, you have a choice of exercising and maintaining diet meals. You can indulge in your favorite foods provided you can meet your monthly weight goals.

Your doctor or physical fitness instructor can help you determine a reasonable monthly weight/fitness goal. Keeping your goals realistic will help you progress in a successful manner. As you meet each monthly goal your confidence will increase. This adds to your enthusiasm for keeping your resolutions.

Stop bad habits

Everyone has at least one or two habits they would like to break. While drinking and smoking often top that list there are countless habits that can be considered negative or bad.

Do a little research into the particular habit you want to break. Consider the best way to end the habit. In some cases it may be to stop the behavior immediately but in others a slowing down process is best. Once again, setting monthly goals may be the best solution.

When you set realistic goals you set yourself up for success. You can more easily stick with the resolutions you set and by the end of the year you can celebrate the fact that you accomplished them.

Debbie Allen is a team member at Package From Santa. She writes about holiday traditions, lifestyles, and related topics.