The History Of Christmas In July

The History Of Christmas In July

In the Northern hemisphere Christmas is celebrated in December when the weather is cold and in some places, it’s snowing. We equate Christmas with winter activities like building a snowman, ice-skating and sledding. This is the Christmas most of us are used to. However, December is not the only time of year people around the world celebrate the holiday. Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? Oh, yes. It most certainly exists. It’s less common in countries like the United States where the traditional cold weather in December is more appealing to Westerners. It’s on the other side of the world where there is no snow in December. In fact, they are actually experiencing their summer season.

What’s So Appealing About Christmas In July?

It can seem strange to people who live in the Northern hemisphere but to people in the Southern hemisphere, Christmas in July only makes sense. In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite during Christmas time. When the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter, the Southern Hemisphere is in the middle of their summer. Places like South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia can be seen celebrating Christmas in July. These countries choose to celebrate in July so that they can share in the feeling of colder weather that is more closely associated with Christmas and it’s festivities. Lucky for those that live in the Southern hemisphere, they get to celebrate Christmas twice a year.

Does The Northern Hemisphere Celebrate Christmas In July?

Celebrating Christmas in July is not as common in the Northern hemisphere as it is in the Southern hemisphere but it does happen. Some people like to start their Christmas present shopping in the summer. It is one of the best times to find good deals. Unfortunately, stores can mark up product prices during the holiday season. In order to keep customers shopping during the summertime season, some stores will have a Christmas in July sale. Events like this are also good for consumers in order to save on holiday expenses. Christmas shopping during the off season can help you avoid the large crowds or having the special high demand items selling out which causes holiday stress. Santa would certainly appreciate your help! Just make sure you have a good secret hiding spot to tuck the gifts away. You wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Should You Be Celebrating Christmas In July?

Now that you know about Christmas in July, should you be celebrating it with your children? Well dear, that is entirely up to you. I celebrate Christmas all year round. It’s in the way I treat the people around me. It’s in the way I spread joy and cheer everywhere I go. If that sounds like something you do as well then you are already celebrating Christmas. You don’t have to have decorations out or give gifts to display the spirit of Christmas with others. If you would like to help your children get into the Christmas spirit even if it isn’t Christmas, try signing up to receive a letter from Santa. Your child will be so excited to hear from Santa. Even in the summertime! It will also serve as a bonus for you. You’ll get to remind your child that Santa is always making his list and checking it twice throughout the year. Sometimes children forget that Santa is always watching and even when they are reminded, the concept can seem very far away. If they receive something directly from the North Pole, they would be more likely to take the reminder seriously. Kids need lots of friendly reminders!

Christmas in July for the Northern hemisphere is more of a marketing plan to get consumers to shop but that can end up working in the consumer’s favor if they’re looking to save time, money, and holiday stress. I recommend it because it helps get folks in the holiday spirit in the hot summer months when tension can sometimes get as hot as the weather. In the Southern hemisphere, celebrating Christmas in July is more about getting the feeling of a white Christmas even if they don’t specifically get snow. It just feels more like Christmas when there’s a chill in the air. It’s why I love living in the North Pole. Building snowmen and wearing a few more layers of clothing adds more to the magic of the holiday for me. Whether you decide to celebrate Christmas in July or not, continue to spread holiday cheer all year long as a shining example to your children. If they see you making an effort to treat others with compassion and spreading joy, they will be inspired to do the same. Is it Christmas in December or Christmas in July? I say let’s make Christmas happen all the time. Merry Christmas.