Santa Letters, Four Steps To Great Letters From Santa



Santa Letters

Santa Letters are always fun, get you children ready for Christmas this year with Personalized Letters From Santa

1) Around the end of November, assist your child/children in writing his or her own letter(s) to Santa Claus.

Santa Letters, Letters From Santa

Be sure to have the child make references to MANY PERSONAL DETAILS. (Even Mommy’s and Daddy’s don’t know everything)

2) Draw information out of the child by asking simple, yet direct, questions. Be sure to ask question that allow for Reflection, Self-Assessment, etc.

3) Once the child’s letter to Santa is complete, have the child enclose the letter in an envelope, seal it, and address it simply to:

Santa Claus, North Pole (Be sure to inform the child a postage stamp really isn’t necessary as Santa is Magic and EVERY LETTER reaches Santa…GUARANTEED!

4) Lastly, inform the child of your intention to PERSONALLY Hand-Deliver, his, or her letter to the US Post Office ASAP!

Now, you have all of the information necessary to create your PERSONALIZED LETTER FROM SANTA.

Tommi Pajak