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Christmas Spirit

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

The holiday season can bring lots of stress – along with the fun events and delicious foods we enjoy, many of us are also dealing with personal tragedies, losses, or illnesses. These issues can make it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit – much less to feel jolly and carefree. The team at Package From Santa would like to share some ideas that might help.  

Make It Personal

One way to get into the spirit of the season is to focus on others in a personal way. Even personalized letters from Santa have more meaning that those that are generic. A personal touch can let others know you took time and care.

Technology makes it possible to save time and in many cases, we rely on the speed of the Internet to ‘make things happen’ now. While sending greetings electronically is fast and easy, a phone call can be much more intimate. It adds a personal touch that a quick text, email, or e-card cannot match.

Get into the spirit of the holiday by shopping to find just the right gift for the special people in your life. Add a personal touch to the gifts you give – make your own bows and package labels.

Build Excitement about the Season

Getting into the spirit of Christmas comes naturally for some people. But for others it may require a little effort. If you fall into the latter category why not focus on things that do get you excited? For example, if you like to do craft projects you can create some DIY holiday decorations or make some of the gifts you give.

If you like to cook or bake, why not use that as an incentive to get excited about the holidays? You can focus on making some delicious food items for yourself and to share with others.

Tis Better to Give

The season is all about giving to others. When your attention is on others you tend to take the focus off your own worries and troubles. And as you do that your interests and efforts also change. This mindset can help you gain a new or renewed enthusiasm for Christmas.

Don’t Be a Loner

Make it a point to be with others. There are always holiday parties and events happening. In fact, hosting a get-together is the perfect way to get into the spirit of things. Not only will your energy be focused on planning and preparing for the event – you will also have the pleasure of spending time with family and friends.

It may take some effort to begin the process, but you are sure to have a great time in the end!

Traditions Can Help

Long-standing traditions can help you get into the spirit of the season. Decorate a Christmas tree and add a few decorations around your home. Watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas carols can help heighten the feeling of Christmas. You can sense the excitement as Christmas Day draws closer. There is always something to do during the Christmas season.

Make it a point to pass joyful memories to others so that they, in turn, can share the happy moments with others. Christmas comes once a year but the spirit can stay with us during the entire year.

Letters From Santa 2012 Free Call From Santa

Letters From Santa 2012 Free Call From Santa

Package From Santa is very proud to announce our new Free call From Santa Clause himself.  Imagine your child or loved one getting a call from Santa on the day and time you choose, so you can watch the excitement and have the time to prepare to get that camera ready, this call from Santa is going to be one of those Kodak moments you and your child or loved one, will cherish for a lifetime. Click Here to schedule your FREE call from Santa!

Send A Free Call From Santa Claus To Your Child Or Loved One On The Day You Choose!

Package From Santa is Safe, Secure and simple, we do not share any of your information, it's just for Santa and you.  The only e-mail you'll ever receive is from us, and the only one who calls is Santa Himself, personally addressed with your child's or loved ones name. Sign up today to create and confirm your scheduled call from Santa in 3 easy steps, and make this year a magical one!

More Free Gifts From Santa! Make This Christmas The Most Exciting One Of All!

Package From Santa has many more holiday fun free gifts that are sure to make this year’s Christmas even more special than ever.  We've been keeping the magic of Christmas alive for over 5 years with our free personalized Santa Gifts and letters for children and parents, as seen in the "Parenting Magazine", "Baby Talk", "American Baby" and more.   Check out Santa's other Free Gifts, just visit our PackageFromSanta.com website for free Christmas gifts online.

Texas Letters From Santa

YouTube Preview Image

Welcome and thanks for viewing our Houston, Texas Letters from Santa video. This year Letters From Santa has included the city Houston in our 2012 $100 Toys-R-Us Gift card giveaway. Letters From Santa come beautifully packaged and highly personalized with your desired details. All Letters From Santa come postmarked with Santas’ official North Pole address and addressed to your child. http://www.packagefromsanta.com/


Santa Letters Free Christmas Countdown Calendar

Letters From Santa Gives Out Free Christmas Countdown Calendar

Santa Letters Free Christmas Countdown Calendar

Mistletoe, tinsel, and beautifully wrapped packages under glowing Christmas Trees are all part of the holiday season. Its part of what we look forward to each year. The anticipation of Christmas and what it holds is half the excitement of the season. Long before children have gifts under beautifully decorated Christmas trees they have started counting down the days until Santa Claus comes. They go to bed at night with hopes that Santa will remember them and bring exactly what they want for Christmas.

As each day passes their eagerness grows and children mark off another day on their Free Christmas Countdown Calendar from Letters From Santa . By the time they write the traditional annual Letter to Santa they begin to worry if they are on Santa’s Naughty List or his Nice List. Parents everywhere use those ‘lists’ as reasoning tools for good behavior. The funny thing is that it works! Children seem to want to please Santa Claus in whatever way possible.

Personalized Letters From Santa

As Christmas gets closer and closer the excitement builds. The children have used their Nice List Guide to lead the way to good behavior so they can make Santa’s Nice List. They would love nothing more than receiving Personalized Letters from Santa Claus, letters that can provide feelings of worth and the security that Santa is real and that the child’s letter was actually read by Santa himself.

It’s amazing that in this modern world of technology it is still the simple and uncomplicated things that can be the most valuable and cherished. After all, a letter from Santa is basically a piece of paper with words on it. But when that letter is coming from the North Pole and it includes personalized details about the child, that simple piece of paper can become magical.

Letters From Santa

The personalization adds a unique touch of authenticity that is very convincing. Children of all ages are mystified when they receive Personalized Letters from Santa Claus. The letters seem to promote even more enthusiasm for using the Christmas Countdown Calendar to mark off the days until Santa arrives. Children merrily look forward to every facet of the holiday, and as one event is completed they anxiously await the next.

We’re sure your child will enjoy this delightful Christmas calendar as much as other children have. Simply complete the form above and the download will be emailed to you. Then with each passing day and each Christmas milestone, your child will joyfully mark the calendar as he/she envisions the wonders that are waiting.

Letters From Santa Wants To Give You A $200 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card

Toys 'R' Us Gift Card

Letters from Santa has yet another great Toys ‘R’ Us give away this year. Letters from Santa is giving away a chance to win a $200 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card this holiday season. This holiday season is the time to enter your name and your friends and families names for a chance to win $200 at your favorite Toys ‘R’ Us kids store, so while you are ordering your childs personalized letter from Santa make sure to start you holiday season off right by entering your name to win a FREE $200 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card.

Letters From Santa Gives A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Letters From Santa

100% Money Back Guarantee

Letters From Santa offers a 100% money back guarantee, not that you will need to use this guarantee, but it’s there. Letters from Santa strives to produce the highest quality in products and has been noted in “Parenting Magazine” for the high quality they produce. Letters From Santa has an array of beautifully presented holiday gifts with many Free items as well e.g. free Christmas Countdown Calendar, Free Santa Video Greeting, and Free Nice List Guide that the parents love. Make sure to checkout Letters From Santa on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Letters-from-Santa/174609757789

Tommi Pajak

Letters From Santa Always Bring Christmas Joy

Letters From Santa

If your child has any doubt if Santa Claus is real or not, there will be no question after they get this incredible Letters from Santa package with a genuine Santa letter mailed directly from Santa’s workshop.

Santa Letters

You see, at PackageFromSanta.com, each letter is a Personalized Letter from Santa. Each Letter from Santa contains detailed information, such as the child’s eye color, best friend, and more! Using our all new Santa Letter Creator™ you can even edit the entire letter to make it even more personalized… add your own personal touches!

Free Santa Video Greeting

I addition to packagefromsanta.com’s beautiful personalized letters from Santa there are many free holiday gifts e.g. Free personalized Santa Video Greeting, Free Christmas Countdown Calendar, and a Free Personalized Santa’s Nice List Guide. Make sure to check Package From Santa on Facebook !