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Letters From Santa Wants To Give You A $200 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card

Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card

Letters from Santa has yet another great Toys ‘R’ Us give away this year. Letters from Santa is giving away a chance to win a $200 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card this holiday season. This holiday season is the time to enter your name and your friends and families names for a chance to win $200 at your favorite Toys ‘R’ Us kids store, so while you are ordering your childs personalized letter from Santa make sure to start you holiday season off right by entering your name to win a FREE $200 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card.

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Personalized Letters From Santa Gets Your Kids To Flip

Letters From Santa Makes Kids Flip!

Personalized Letters From Santa

Letters From Santa Letters From Santa

Kids flip when they see Letters from Santa‘s bright red package come in the mail with their name on it! Addressed with a shiny gold foil shipping label, a real North Pole postage stamp and an authentic return address label from Santa’s workshop! Includes Personalized Santa Letter, Personalized Nice List Certificate, Custom Rudolph Letter, Collectors Swatch of Santa’s Suit, Genuine Reindeer Food in Collector’s Tin, Magic North Pole Snow, and more!

Free Personalized Santa Nice List Guide

Free Personalized Santa Nice List Guide Free Personalized Santa Nice List Guide

Get your child’s Free Santa’s Personalized Nice List Guide Now! Personalized the Nice List Guide with special things your child should do to earn a spot on Santa’s Official Nice List!

Letters From Santa Gives A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Letters From Santa

100% Money Back Guarantee

Letters From Santa offers a 100% money back guarantee, not that you will need to use this guarantee, but it’s there. Letters from Santa strives to produce the highest quality in products and has been noted in “Parenting Magazine” for the high quality they produce. Letters From Santa has an array of beautifully presented holiday gifts with many Free items as well e.g. free Christmas Countdown Calendar, Free Santa Video Greeting, and Free Nice List Guide that the parents love. Make sure to checkout Letters From Santa on Facebook @

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Letters From Santa Always Bring Christmas Joy

Letters From Santa

If your child has any doubt if Santa Claus is real or not, there will be no question after they get this incredible Letters from Santa package with a genuine Santa letter mailed directly from Santa’s workshop.

Santa Letters

You see, at, each letter is a Personalized Letter from Santa. Each Letter from Santa contains detailed information, such as the child’s eye color, best friend, and more! Using our all new Santa Letter Creator™ you can even edit the entire letter to make it even more personalized… add your own personal touches!

Free Santa Video Greeting

I addition to’s beautiful personalized letters from Santa there are many free holiday gifts e.g. Free personalized Santa Video Greeting, Free Christmas Countdown Calendar, and a Free Personalized Santa’s Nice List Guide. Make sure to check Package From Santa on Facebook !

Free letters To Santa Are Only The Beginning Of Holiday Preparations

Letters To Santa

Knowing what to buy for kids during Christmas is usually not too hard. Those letters to Santa Claus are usually quite clear. Using them as a gift-buying guide is one of the fringe benefits of helping your kids write the Santa letters. And the finishing touch to any Christmas tree is a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts underneath. Part of the fun of getting Christmas gifts is ripping off the paper to see what is hidden inside. You want your gifts to look as if they were a package from the North Pole.

 Free Letters To Santa

Sometimes the shape of a gift can make it hard to wrap. You can buy gift boxes to accommodate most gifts. If you can’t find a gift box that your gift will fit into you still have options. While you are dropping off your Santa letters at your local post office, buy a shipping box in the appropriate size. You may want to check with your local stores, they sometimes have cardboard boxes they can give away for free.


Now that you have the gift in the perfect box you can begin. If you are giving a gift that is breakable use tissue paper or newspaper to cushion the sides on the bottom and sides of the box. You don’t want the gift to break from bouncing around in the box. Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like giving or receiving a broken gift.


A trick I have used over the years is to color coordinate the gifts. All the gifts that will be leaving my house are wrapped in one color and the ones that are going to be opened at home are wrapped in a different color.  If you have gifts going to several different places pick a color for each destination. For example all the gifts going to office friends could wrapped in silver paper and the ones going to Granny’s in red paper and so on.


Once you have your gift wrapped in pretty paper you must make a gift tag. You can use the self sticking gift tags you pick up at most stores that sell gift wrap. These are simple to use just fill in the to and from spaces. Sometimes I mark gift tags on gifts going to children from the real Santa. Be sure that you write clearly. You don’t want to be unsure who gets what gift.


Last thing to add is a ribbon. Ribbons come in all sorts of patterns and textures. You will want to use a color of ribbon that will match your paper. Don’t tie you ribbon too tight- you don’t want it to rip your wrapping paper. You can tie something like a candy cane or bell to the top of the gift. Kids like to find small bags of reindeer food attached to their gifts. I also add a new ornament to all my brothers and sisters gifts. This adds a personal finishing touch.


While your kids are anxiously waiting for their letters from Santa to arrive you can drastic them by allowing them to help with some of your wrapping projects. Kids always enjoy that and they can sometimes get very creative in the way they wrap things. It’s a good idea to let them practice their craft on gifts for pets or gifts that won’t be leaving your home.

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Letters From Santa & Free Personalized Santa Video Greetings

Personalized Letters From Santa

Every child wants a free personal video greeting from Santa Claus! Now you can get your free video greeting from Santa with every personalized letter from Santa! Sent directly to your child from the North Pole, and customized with details that only Santa himself would know!


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Letters From Santa Was A Life Saver Last Year

Letters From Santa

Letters from Santa was a life saver last year and I am going to be sure to use letters from Santa again this year.

Letters from Santa is well known for their top of the line quality personalized letters from Santa and many great free holiday gifts. Receiving great reviews on youtube, that display the growth and excitement over the years children receive a personalized letters from Santa.

Personalized Letters From Santa

This year Personalized Letters From Santa has came up with another great FREE idea for our children …. Personalized Video Greetings From Santa. With the Free Santa video greeting your child can hear and see Santa all year-round and the best part it is FREE.

Among all of the great personalized gifts Letters From Santa offers there are many reasons to choose Personalized Letters From Santa e.g. beautifully packaged Santa Letters, effective Free nice list guides, Christmas countdown calendars, and so much more .

Make sure to check out Personalized Letters From Santa and give a “Like” on Facebook @


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